Synonyms for Regulations:
1. Rules
2. Laws
3. Requirements
4. Standards
5. Ordinances
6. Decrees
7. Directives
8. Statutes
9. Principles
10. Precepts
11. Mandates
12. Codes
13. Edicts
14. Guidelines
15. Commandments
16. Prohibitions
17. Constraints
18. Limitations
19. Restrictions
20. Prescriptions
21. Commandments
22. Principles
23. Prohibitions
24. Norms
25. Specifications
26. Criteria
27. Edicts
28. Principles
29. Ordinances
30. Prohibitions

Finding the best synonyms for regulations can be a challenge. But with the right ideas, you can find the perfect words to describe the rules and regulations you need to follow. When looking for another word for regulations, consider words like rules, laws, requirements, standards, ordinances, decrees, directives, statutes, precepts, mandates, codes, edicts, guidelines, commandments, prohibitions, constraints, limitations, restrictions, prescriptions, norms, specifications, criteria, and principles. These words can help you communicate the regulations you need to follow in a clear and concise way. Whether you need to make a list of regulations for a company or a school, having the right words can make a big difference in how the regulations are understood. Take the time to explore the different synonyms for regulations to find the best option for your needs.