1. Mourned
2. Deplored
3. Grieved
4. Lamented
5. Lamented
6. Rued
7. Wailed
8. Wished undone
9. Bemoaned
10. Repented
11. Bewailed
12. Despaired
13. Sorrowed
14. Wished back
15. Cried over
16. Beplored
17. Felt sorry
18. Wept over
19. Cried
20. Repined
21. Sighed over
22. Lusted after
23. Begged back
24. Felt remorseful
25. Bemoan
26. Desired back
27. Lament
28. Sighed
29. Wished
30. Wept

When looking for synonyms for the word «regretted», the best ideas can be found in the list above. Whether you are looking for other words for «regretted» such as «mourned» or «lamented», or more creative synonyms like «wailed» or «bemoaned», this list has you covered. With 30 different synonyms, you are sure to find the perfect one for your writing. Whether you are writing a poem, a story, or an essay, this list of synonyms will help you find the perfect word to express your regret.