1. Repository
2. Inventory
3. Catalogue
4. Index
5. Roster
6. Archive
7. Roll
8. Directory
9. Listing
10. Log
11. Ledger
12. Record
13. Register
14. Checklist
15. Bill
16. Tabulation
17. Enumeration
18. Schedule
19. Manifest
20. Docket
21. Table
22. Schedule
23. Agenda
24. Manifesto
25. Recital
26. Annals
27. Chronicle
28. Book
29. Logbook
30. Inventory

Searching for synonyms for the word ‘registry’ can be a great way to find the best ideas for describing a variety of situations. Whether you’re looking for other words for a specific item or another word for a concept, there are plenty of words to choose from. A registry can be described using words such as repository, inventory, catalogue, index, roster, archive, roll, directory, listing, log, ledger, record, register, checklist, bill, tabulation, enumeration, schedule, manifest, docket, table, agenda, manifesto, recital, annals, chronicle, book, logbook, and inventory. With so many options, it’s easy to find the perfect word for any situation.