1. Record keeper
2. Clerk
3. Recorder
4. Notary
5. Logger
6. Librarian
7. Enroller
8. Indexer
9. Subscriber
10. Archivist
11. Logistician
12. Registrar-general
13. Registrar of records
14. Filer
15. Keeper of records
16. Keeper of the rolls
17. Keeper of the archives
18. Keeper of the register
19. Keeper of the register of deeds
20. Keeper of the seal
21. Keeper of the public records
22. Keeper of the public register
23. Keeper of the books
24. Register
25. Scrivener
26. Entry clerk
27. Accountant
28. Bookkeeper
29. Custodian
30. Data entry specialist

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «registrar»? There are many different words you can use to describe this role. Here are the best ideas and other words for «registrar»: record keeper, clerk, recorder, notary, logger, librarian, enroller, indexer, subscriber, archivist, registrar-general, registrar of records, filer, keeper of records, keeper of the rolls, keeper of the archives, keeper of the register, keeper of the register of deeds, keeper of the seal, keeper of the public records, keeper of the public register, keeper of the books, register, scrivener, entry clerk, accountant, bookkeeper, custodian, and data entry specialist. No matter which word you choose, they all have the same meaning and refer to the same role.