Synonyms for REFORMS:
1. Changes
2. Revisions
3. Alterations
4. Adjustments
5. Modifications
6. Amendments
7. Revamps
8. Overhauls
9. Redesigns
10. Transformations
11. Improvements
12. Upgrades
13. Innovations
14. Revitalizations
15. Revitalisations
16. Restructurings
17. Reorganizations
18. Reorganisations
19. Redirections
20. Reorientations
21. Rejuvenations
22. Revitalizations
23. Revitalisations
24. Refurbishments
25. Rejuvenations
26. Rejuvenations
27. Rejuvenations
28. Reconditionings
29. Reassessments
30. Reevaluations

When it comes to improving an organization, finding the best ideas for reforms can be a challenge. Synonyms for reforms such as changes, revisions, alterations, adjustments, modifications, amendments, revamps, overhauls, redesigns, transformations, improvements, upgrades, innovations, revitalizations, revitalisations, restructurings, reorganizations, reorganisations, redirections, reorientations, rejuvenations, revitalizations, revitalisations, refurbishments, rejuvenations, rejuvenations, rejuvenations, reconditionings, reassessments, and reevaluations can help to provide the necessary guidance. Whether it is for a business, educational institution, government organization, or other entity, these ideas can help to bring about positive change and improvement. By exploring these synonyms for reforms, organizations can better understand the best ideas to help them reach their goals and objectives.