1. Alluding
2. Suggesting
3. Pointing
4. Citing
5. Naming
6. Indicating
7. Denoting
8. Mentioning
9. Designating
10. Signifying
11. Implicating
12. Connoting
13. Appertaining
14. Implying
15. Adverting
16. Specifying
17. Referring to
18. Referring back
19. Referring forward
20. Referring upward
21. Referring downward
22. Referring outward
23. Referring inward
24. Referring sideways
25. Alluding to
26. Referring to as
27. Referring to in
28. Referring to by
29. Referring to as to
30. Referring to with

When searching for synonyms for the word “referring”, there are many ideas to consider. The best ideas include alluding, suggesting, pointing, citing, naming, indicating, and denoting. Other words for referring are mentioning, designating, signifying, implicating, and connoting. Appertaining, implying, adverting, and specifying are also great synonyms for the word referring. There are many other ways to refer to something, such as referring to, referring back, referring forward, referring upward, referring downward, referring outward, referring inward, referring sideways, alluding to, referring to as, referring to in, referring to by, referring to as to, and referring to with. All of these words are great alternatives for referring and can be used in various contexts.