1. Cites
2. Quotations
3. Allusions
4. Mentions
5. Citations
7. Illustrations
8. Acknowledgements
9. Analogies
10. Endorsements
11. Examples
12. Evidences
13. Footnotes
14. Remarks
15. Testimonies
16. Anecdotes
17. Narratives
18. Links
19. Notations
20. Sources
21. Quotations
22. Citations
23. Proofs
24. Quotings
25. Recollections
26. Referrals
27. Credentials
28. Endorsements
29. Testaments
30. Verifications

Finding the best and most creative ideas for synonyms of the word «References» can be a challenge. Whether you are writing a paper or delivering a speech, having a variety of synonyms for references can help to bring a unique perspective to your work. From cites to illustrations, quotations to acknowledgements, there are many different ways to express the same idea. Whether you are looking for a more formal term or a more creative phrase, there are plenty of other words for references to choose from. From anecdotes to testimonies, proofs to verifications, there are many different synonyms to choose from. With a variety of ideas and options, you can find the best way to express your ideas and make your work stand out.