1. Exchange
2. Alternative
3. Substitute
4. Counterpart
5. Replacement
6. Surrogate
7. Deputize
8. Analog
9. Stand-in
10. Proxy
11. Transpose
12. Represent
13. Reenact
14. Redo
15. Modify
16. Rehash
17. Reiterate
18. Reproduce
19. Renew
20. Reorganize
21. Reorient
22. Reestablish
23. Refashion
24. Revamp
25. Rekindle
26. Repeat
27. Rekindle
28. Renewal
29. Reshape
30. Revert

When searching for the best ideas for a synonym for the word “ref”, there are many options to consider. Whether you need to find a single word or a phrase, there are numerous alternatives that can provide an effective replacement. Some of the most common words and phrases that can be used as a synonym for “ref” include exchange, alternative, substitute, counterpart, replacement, surrogate, deputize, analog, stand-in, proxy, transpose, represent, reenact, redo, modify, rehash, reiterate, reproduce, renew, reorient, reestablish, refashion, revamp, rekindle, repeat, renewal, reshape, and revert. All of these words and phrases can be used as a synonym for “ref”, offering an effective alternative that can be used in many different situations.