1. Appeal
2. Remedy
3. Resource
4. Refuge
5. Reversal
6. Reprieve
7. Relief
8. Retreat
9. Redress
10. Reclaim
11. Rejoin
12. Rebuttal
13. Revival
14. Reparation
15. Remonstration
16. Reinstatement
17. Recuperation
18. Reclamation
19. Reclamation
20. Recompense
21. Rebut
22. Reinvigorate
23. Redeem
24. Reestablishment
25. Rejuvenation
26. Recrudescence
27. Rejuvenescence
28. Reinvigoration
29. Rehabilitation
30. Reanimation

When you are in need of a way to solve a problem, it can be helpful to look for other words for recourse. It can be difficult to think of the best ideas in a pinch, but having a list of synonyms for recourse can make it easier. Some of the best synonyms for recourse include appeal, remedy, resource, refuge, reversal, reprieve, relief, retreat, redress, reclaim, rejoin, rebuttal, revival, reparation, remonstration, reinstatement, recuperation, reclamation, recompense, rebut, reinvigorate, redeem, reestablishment, rejuvenation, recrudescence, rejuvenescence, reinvigoration, rehabilitation, and reanimation. With this list of synonyms for recourse, you can easily find the right word for any situation.