1. Registered
2. Noted
3. Documented
4. Logged
5. Catalogued
6. Inscribed
7. Chronicled
8. Marked
9. Jotted
10. Stored
11. Memorized
12. Stamped
13. Engraved
14. Put on file
15. Taped
16. Archived
17. Recorded
18. Stenciled
19. Indexed
20. Tabulated
21. Traced
22. Stowed
23. Scribed
24. Scrawled
25. Docketed
26. Inventoried
27. Attested
28. Written
29. Inscribing
30. Notarized

Finding different words to describe the same concept can be a challenge. Whether you are writing a blog post, an article, or a book, having a variety of synonyms for «recorded» can help you to express yourself more effectively. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for «recorded»: registered, noted, documented, logged, catalogued, inscribed, chronicled, marked, jotted, stored, memorized, stamped, engraved, put on file, taped, archived, stenciled, indexed, tabulated, traced, stowed, scribed, scrawled, docketed, inventoried, attested, written, inscribing, and notarized. Using these synonyms can help to make your writing more interesting and engaging for your readers. By using different words to express the same concept, you can help to keep your readers interested and engaged in your writing.