1. Log
2. Register
3. Chronicle
4. Document
5. Logbook
6. Annal
7. Memorandum
8. Memorize
9. Note
10. Narrate
11. Store
12. File
13. Inventory
14. Tabulate
15. Report
16. Memorabilia
17. History
18. Memorization
19. Narrative
20. Deposition
21. Roll
22. Transcript
23. Tab
24. Enroll
25. Index
26. Register
27. List
28. Account
29. Chronology
30. Docket

Searching for synonyms for the word «record» can be challenging. There are many words that are similar in meaning, but each one has its own nuances. The best ideas for synonyms for record are those that capture the essence of the word without being too similar. Log, register, chronicle, document, logbook, annal, memorandum, memorize, note, narrate, store, file, inventory, tabulate, report, memorabilia, history, memorization, narrative, deposition, roll, transcript, tab, enroll, index, register, list, account, chronology, and docket are all excellent alternatives for the word record. Each of these words has its own unique connotations and can be used in different contexts to create a more nuanced understanding of a situation or idea.