1. Hybrid
2. Crossbred
3. Blended
4. Merged
5. Compounded
6. Intermingled
7. Mixed
8. Consolidated
9. Amalgamated
10. Reconstructed
11. Reorganized
12. Rearranged
13. Re-formed
14. Re-ordered
15. Re-arranged
16. Re-combined
17. Put together
18. Combined
19. Synthesized
20. Assembled
21. Blended
22. Fused
23. Compounded
24. Reconstituted
25. Synthetic
26. Coalesced
27. Constructed
28. Fabricated
29. Construct
30. Manufactured

Finding the right words to describe a concept can be challenging, especially when it comes to complex topics like recombinant technology. Synonyms are a great way to make your writing more descriptive and interesting. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms of recombinant: hybrid, crossbred, blended, merged, compounded, intermingled, mixed, consolidated, amalgamated, reconstructed, reorganized, rearranged, re-formed, re-ordered, re-arranged, re-combined, put together, combined, synthesized, assembled, blended, fused, compounded, reconstituted, synthetic, coalesced, constructed, fabricated, construct, and manufactured. Using these synonyms in your writing can help to make your work more engaging and descriptive, and help to make your ideas clearer and more interesting.