1. Contraction
2. Downturn
3. Economic Decline
4. Economic Slowdown
5. Recessionary Period
6. Recessionary Phase
7. Slowdown
8. Retrenchment
9. Deflation
10. Contractionary Period
11. Contractionary Phase
12. Depression
13. Deflationary Period
14. Deflationary Phase
15. Deflationary Spiral
16. Recessionary Spiral
17. Economic Recession
18. Contractionary Spiral
19. Economic Contraction
20. Recessionary Slump
21. Contractionary Slump
22. Economic Contractionary Period
23. Economic Contractionary Phase
24. Recessionary Gap
25. Contractionary Gap
26. Economic Recessionary Period
27. Economic Recessionary Phase
28. Economic Slowdown Period
29. Economic Slowdown Phase
30. Economic Downturn

When it comes to finding the best ideas for dealing with recessions, it is important to understand the different synonyms related to this term. Knowing the various synonyms for recession can help you to better understand the concept and how to best address it. Some of the most common synonyms for recession include contraction, downturn, economic decline, economic slowdown, recessionary period, recessionary phase, slowdown, retrenchment, deflation, contractionary period, contractionary phase, depression, deflationary period, deflationary phase, deflationary spiral, recessionary spiral, economic recession, contractionary spiral, economic contraction, recessionary slump, contractionary slump, economic contractionary period, economic contractionary phase, recessionary gap, contractionary gap, economic recessionary period, economic recessionary phase, economic slowdown period, economic slowdown phase, and economic downturn. By understanding these different synonyms, you can gain a better understanding of what recession is and how to best address it.