1. Open
2. Sensitive
3. Responsive
4. Attentive
5. Perceptive
6. Aware
7. Willing
8. Alert
9. Acute
10. Understanding
11. Pliable
12. Tolerant
13. Obedient
14. Placid
15. Docile
16. Amenable
17. Compliant
18. Agreeable
19. Complaisant
20. Accessible
21. Susceptible
22. Receptive
23. Pliant
24. Amenable
25. Malleable
26. Appreciative
27. Cognizant
28. Discriminating
29. Knowledgeable
30. Sympathetic

Finding the right words to express your ideas can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a variety of synonyms for the word «receptive» that can help you find the perfect phrase. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas or just another word for receptive, this list of 30 synonyms will give you plenty of options. From open and sensitive to alert and pliant, these descriptive words can help you express your thoughts in a more meaningful way. With so many synonyms to choose from, finding the right one to fit your context has never been easier.