1. Perceiving
2. Acknowledging
3. Accepting
4. Comprehending
5. Grasping
6. Noticing
7. Discriminating
8. Apprehending
9. Becoming aware of
10. Understanding
11. Recognizing
12. Appreciating
13. Experiencing
14. Fathoming
15. Cognizing
16. Sensing
17. Grasping
18. Comprehending
19. Discerning
20. Realizing
21. Discovering
22. Inferring
23. Inscrutability
24. Detecting
25. Apprehending
26. Discerning
27. Knowing
28. Cognizing
29. Grasping
30. Acknowledging

When searching for words to describe the concept of realizing, the best ideas are to look for synonyms. Synonyms can be used to provide more variety in language and can be used to help convey a more precise meaning. Other words for realizing include perceiving, acknowledging, accepting, comprehending, grasping, noticing, discriminating, apprehending, becoming aware of, understanding, recognizing, appreciating, experiencing, fathoming, cognizing, sensing, grasping, comprehending, discerning, discovering, inferring, inscrutability, detecting, apprehending, discerning, knowing, cognizing, and grasping. Each of these words carries a slightly different meaning, allowing for more nuanced ways of expressing the concept of realizing.