1. Running Back
2. Tailback
3. Halfback
4. Ball Carrier
5. Sweep
6. Scatback
7. Speedster
8. Ballhandler
9. Sprinter
10. Return Specialist
11. Power Runner
12. Third Down Back
13. Receiver
14. Pass Catcher
15. Inside Runner
16. Outside Runner
17. Pass Blocker
18. Blocker
19. Pass Protector
20. Pass Receiver
21. Cutback Artist
22. Pitchman
23. Pivotman
24. Ballhawk
25. Ball Hogger
26. Draw Runner
27. Draw Play Specialist
28. Punt Returner
29. Kick Returner
30. Ball Returner

Finding the right synonyms for the word «RB» can be a challenge, but with the right ideas, you can easily find the best words to describe the position. Whether you’re looking for a running back, tailback, halfback, or return specialist, these synonyms will give you the best ideas for what to call the position. From speedster and scatback to power runner and pass catcher, you’ll find a variety of words that accurately describe the role of the RB. With these synonyms, you can easily communicate the position without having to explain in detail what it entails. Whether you’re looking for a creative way to describe the position or just need to find a more accurate term, these synonyms for the word «RB» will provide you with the best ideas.