1. Corvus
2. Crow
3. Blackbird
4. Carrion
5. Scavenger
6. Omen
7. Messenger
8. Oracle
9. Harbinger
10. Gloomy
11. Nocturnal
12. Predatory
13. Plume
14. Dark
15. Witch
16. Macabre
17. Gloom
18. Glint
19. Glare
20. Shroud
21. Gloomy
22. Grim
23. Dire
24. Direful
25. Direness
26. Foreboding
27. Mystic
28. Mystical
29. Foreshadow
30. Shadowy

Finding other words for «raven» can be a tricky task. Whether you are looking for synonyms to use in creative writing or for a game of word-play, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. The best synonyms for «raven» include «corvus,» «crow,» «blackbird,» «carrion,» and «scavenger.» These words all convey a sense of darkness and mystery, which is what «raven» is often associated with. Other words for «raven» include «omen,» «messenger,» «oracle,» and «harbinger,» which refer to the bird’s prophetic nature. Other words such as «gloomy,» «nocturnal,» and «predatory» allude to the bird’s physical characteristics. Finally, words such as «plume,» «dark,» «witch,» and «macabre» all suggest the sinister connotations of the word «raven.» Whether you are looking for a single word or a list of words, these synonyms for «raven» are sure to provide you with the perfect word for any occasion.