1. Approval
2. Validation
3. Sanction
4. Authentication
5. Confirmation
6. Acceptance
7. Endorsement
8. Consent
9. Agreement
10. Recognition
11. Acclamation
12. Affirmation
13. Assent
14. Acknowledgement
15. Ratifying
16. Ovation
17. Blessing
18. Verification
19. Avowal
20. Permission
21. Subscription
22. Approbation
23. Authorization
24. Backing
25. Endorse
26. Approve
27. Confirm
28. Endorsement
29. Validate
30. Ratify

Synonyms for ratification are an important part of the English language, as they help to make communication more precise and efficient. When looking for the best ideas of other words for ratification, there are several options to consider. Approval, validation, sanction, authentication, confirmation, acceptance, endorsement, consent, agreement, recognition, acclamation, affirmation, assent, acknowledgement, ratifying, ovation, blessing, verification, avowal, permission, subscription, approbation, authorization, backing, endorse, approve, confirm, endorsement, validate, and ratify are all synonyms for ratification. Each of these words has slightly different nuances, and so it is important to consider the context in which they are being used in order to choose the most appropriate synonym. For example, if a law is being ratified, approval may be the best word to use, while if an agreement is being ratified, consent may be the most fitting word. Understanding the nuances of these words can help to ensure that each sentence is precise and conveys the intended meaning.