1. Rhyme
2. Freestyle
3. MC
4. Spit
5. Flow
6. Jive
7. Jargon
8. Wordplay
9. Lyricism
10. Verse
11. Chant
12. Hip-hop
13. Slang
14. Verbosity
15. Riff
16. Rapscallion
17. Jabber
18. Patter
19. Gibberish
20. Cacophony
21. Chatter
22. Cadence
23. Street talk
24. Beatbox
25. Dub
26. Spoken word
27. Rapping
28. Jargonize
29. Tongue-twisting
30. Lyricalize

Are you looking for the best ideas and other words for rap? Rap is a form of musical expression that has been around for decades and is still popular today. It is a combination of spoken word, rhythm, and rhyme that is often used to express emotions. Common synonyms for rap include rhyme, freestyle, MC, spit, flow, jive, jargon, wordplay, lyricism, verse, chant, hip-hop, slang, verbosity, riff, rapscallion, jabber, patter, gibberish, cacophony, chatter, cadence, street talk, beatbox, dub, spoken word, rapping, jargonize, tongue-twisting, and lyricalize. These words can be used to describe the various aspects of rap music and the different ways it can be expressed. Whether you are a fan of rap music or you are looking for other words to describe it, these synonyms can help you get the point across.