1. Ambit
2. Scope
3. Gamut
4. Bound
5. Spectrum
6. Span
7. Horizons
8. Extent
9. Reaches
10. Breadth
11. Bounds
12. Variation
13. Horizons
14. Division
15. Reach
16. Spreading
17. Field
18. Stretch
19. Spanning
20. Band
21. Width
22. Circumference
23. Scale
24. Arc
25. Variety
26. Range of Motion
27. Expansion
28. Sweep
29. Selection
30. Span of Control

When searching for other words for range, the best ideas are to use synonyms that can help to explain the concept in a more detailed way. Synonyms for range can include words such as ambit, scope, gamut, bound, spectrum, span, horizons, extent, reaches, breadth, bounds, variation, division, reach, spreading, field, stretch, spanning, band, width, circumference, scale, arc, variety, range of motion, expansion, sweep, selection, and span of control. These words can help to provide a better understanding of the concept of range, and can be used to help explain a variety of ideas.