1. Splendor
2. Magnificence
3. Grandeur
4. Eminence
5. Luxury
6. Opulence
7. Splendour
8. Magnificence
9. Nobility
10. Pomp
11. Glitz
12. Glitter
13. Dignity
14. Splendiferousness
15. Glorification
16. Pageantry
17. Glorioseness
18. Grandiosity
19. Splendidness
20. Grandiloquence
21. Exaltation
22. Veneration
23. Splendiferousness
24. Magnanimity
25. Grandiosity
26. Brilliance
27. Resplendence
28. Superbness
29. Flamboyance
30. Flourish

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