1. Lifted
2. Elevated
3. Increased
4. Boosted
5. Uplifted
6. Heightened
7. Exalted
8. Augmented
9. Upraised
10. Amplified
11. Prolonged
12. Advanced
13. Lifted Up
14. Advanced
15. Upward
16. Upwardly
17. Inflated
18. Raised Up
19. Inaugurated
20. Magnified
21. Upstaged
22. Lifted High
23. Advanced Higher
24. Raised Higher
25. Heightened Up
26. Boosted Up
27. Uplifted Higher
28. Enhanced
29. Enlarged
30. Upright

Finding synonyms for the word ‘raised’ can be a daunting task. Whether you are a student, writer, or just looking for ideas, having a list of synonyms for ‘raised’ is a great way to broaden your vocabulary and find the best words for your needs. Here are some of the best ideas when it comes to synonyms for ‘raised’: lifted, elevated, increased, boosted, uplifted, heightened, exalted, augmented, upraised, amplified, prolonged, advanced, lifted up, upward, upwardly, inflated, raised up, inaugurated, magnified, upstaged, lifted high, advanced higher, raised higher, heightened up, boosted up, uplifted higher, enhanced, enlarged, and upright. With this list of synonyms for ‘raised’ you are sure to find the perfect word for any project or need.