1. Drizzly
2. Moist
3. Humid
4. Precipitous
5. Downpour
6. Torrential
7. Damp
8. Misty
9. Drippy
10. Showery
11. Pluvial
12. Soggy
13. Raining
14. Pouring
15. Pluvial
16. Humidified
17. Rainy weather
18. Drizzling
19. Rainfall
20. Raindrops
21. Soaking
22. Sprinkling
23. Saturating
24. Moistening
25. Stormy
26. Drenching
27. Dousing
28. Moisture-laden
29. Wet
30. Rain-filled

Finding the right words to describe a rainy day can be difficult. Whether you are looking for other words for rainy, synonyms for rainy, or the best ideas for describing a rainy day, this list of 30 synonyms should help. From drizzly to drenching, these words will help you find the perfect way to describe the rain. Whether you are looking for a poetic description of a rainy day or a more technical way to explain the weather, this list of synonyms for rainy has the best ideas to help you find the perfect words.