1. Revolutionaries
2. Extremists
3. Militants
4. Revolutionists
5. Radicals
6. Fanatics
7. Activists
8. Agitators
9. Zealots
10. Insurgents
11. Firebrands
12. Radicals
13. Insurrectionists
14. Rebels
15. Subversives
16. Firecrackers
17. Revolutionizers
18. Utopians
19. Purists
20. Radicals
21. Extremists
22. Agitprops
23. Radicals
24. Radicals
25. Progressives
26. Ideologues
27. Radicals
28. Anarchists
29. Radicals
30. Extremists

When looking for synonyms for the word «radicals», the best ideas are to consider words that convey a sense of passionate or extreme action. Revolutionaries, extremists, militants, revolutionists, fanatics, activists, agitators, zealots, insurgents, firebrands, insurrectionists, rebels, subversives, firecrackers, revolutionizers, utopians, purists, progressives, ideologues, anarchists, and progressives are all words that can be used as synonyms for the word «radicals». Each of these words carries a similar meaning, but can also provide a more nuanced understanding of the term. For instance, the word «militants» may suggest a more violent approach to a cause, while the word «utopians» may suggest an idealistic approach. By considering a variety of synonyms for the word «radicals», one can gain a better understanding of the term, as well as a variety of ways to express it.