1. Contest
2. Sprint
3. Marathon
4. Relay
5. Chase
6. Pursuit
7. Dash
8. Contest
9. Competition
10. Showdown
11. Heat
12. Trial
13. Struggle
14. Stride
15. Jog
16. Rush
17. Go
18. Flight
19. Trial
20. Contest
21. Match
22. Event
23. Spurt
24. Run
25. Struggle
26. Course
27. Chase
28. Tour
29. Voyage
30. Tour de Force

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word “race”, it’s important to look for words that have the same connotations as the original word. Words such as “contest”, “sprint”, “marathon”, “relay”, “chase”, “pursuit”, “dash”, “competition”, and “showdown” are all excellent choices for synonyms for the word “race”. Other words such as “heat”, “trial”, “struggle”, “stride”, “jog”, “rush”, “go”, “flight”, “match”, “event”, “spurt”, “run”, “course”, “chase”, “tour”, “voyage”, and “tour de force” can also be used as synonyms for the word “race”. All of these words can be used to convey the same meaning as the word “race”, making them excellent choices for synonyms.