1. Radical
2. Reiterate
3. Repeat
4. Retell
5. Recite
6. Reproduce
7. Resurrect
8. Reintroduce
9. Reiteration
10. Reaffirm
11. Rehash
12. Resume
13. Rekindle
14. Reappear
15. Reoccur
16. Reaffirmation
17. Reassert
18. Reexamine
19. Reestablish
20. Reestablishing
21. Reexamination
22. Reassertion
23. Reinstatement
24. Reintroduction
25. Reiterating
26. Rekindling
27. Repetition
28. Reproducing
29. Resurrecting
30. Retelling

Finding synonyms for the letter «R» can be a challenging task. Whether you are writing a paper, preparing a presentation, or looking for the best ideas, having a variety of words to choose from is essential. Here is a list of 30 synonyms for the letter «R» that can help you find the perfect word for your project. From radical to retelling, these synonyms are sure to provide you with the best ideas for your writing. Whether you are looking for other words for repeat or other words for reiterate, this list of synonyms for the letter «R» will help you find the perfect word for your project.