1. Scripture
2. Holy Book
3. Koran
4. Text
5. Divine Writ
6. Sacred Writ
7. Holy Writ
8. Word of God
9. Revelation
10. Holy Scripture
11. Sacred Scripture
12. Divine Revelation
13. Scripture of Islam
14. Sacred Law
15. Scripture of Muhammad
16. Scripture of Allah
17. Book of Allah
18. Book of Muhammad
19. Scripture of the Prophet
20. Book of Faith
21. Book of Guidance
22. Book of Light
23. Book of Wisdom
24. Book of Mercy
25. Book of Signs
26. Book of Miracles
27. Book of Salvation
28. Book of Truth
29. Book of Faith and Practice
30. Book of Righteousness

Finding synonyms for the word “Quran” can be a challenge. It is an important word in the Islamic faith, and it is often used to refer to the sacred text of the religion. There are many different ways to refer to the Quran, and it can be helpful to know some of the best synonyms for it. Here are some of the best ideas for other words for “Quran”. Scripture, Holy Book, Koran, Text, Divine Writ, Sacred Writ, Holy Writ, Word of God, Revelation, Holy Scripture, Sacred Scripture, Divine Revelation, Scripture of Islam, Sacred Law, Scripture of Muhammad, Scripture of Allah, Book of Allah, Book of Muhammad, Scripture of the Prophet, Book of Faith, Book of Guidance, Book of Light, Book of Wisdom, Book of Mercy, Book of Signs, Book of Miracles, Book of Salvation, Book of Truth, Book of Faith and Practice, and Book of Righteousness are all excellent synonyms for the word “Quran”. Having a good understanding of these words can help to broaden your understanding of the religion and its sacred text.