1. Cited
2. Attested
3. Averred
4. Verbatim
5. Quoted verbatim
6. Cited verbatim
7. Cited in writing
8. Cited in print
9. Cited as evidence
10. Cited as proof
11. Mentioned
12. Referred to
13. Alluded to
14. Cited in a sentence
15. Cited in a passage
16. Quoted in a sentence
17. Quoted in a passage
18. Quotation
19. Citation
20. Allegation
21. Reference
22. Cited as an example
23. Cited as authority
24. Cited as testimony
25. Cited as quotation
26. Cited as quote
27. Cited in context
28. Quoted in context
29. Quoted in full
30. Quoted in detail

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