Synonyms for Quilt:

1. Coverlet
2. Bedspread
3. Comforter
4. Counterpane
5. Blanket
6. Bedcover
7. Throw
8. Patchwork
9. Spread
10. Bedclothes
11. Counterpanes
12. Eiderdown
13. Bolster
14. Bedrug
15. Bedcap
16. Bedquilt
17. Bedvalance
18. Bedding
19. Cushion
20. Mattress
21. Bedcovering
22. Quilted Coverlet
23. Padding
24. Countercover
25. Bedspreader
26. Bedwrap
27. Quilted Blanket
28. Quilted Throw
29. Quilted Comforter
30. Quilted Bedcover

When searching for synonyms for the word «quilt», there are many options to choose from. From bedspreads and blankets to comforters and counterpanes, there is a wide variety of words to choose from. If you are looking for the best ideas when it comes to synonyms for quilt, some of the top choices include coverlet, bedspread, comforter, counterpane, blanket, bedcover, and throw. Each of these words has a unique definition and can be used to accurately describe a quilt. Additionally, there are several quilted versions of these words, such as quilted coverlet, quilted blanket, quilted throw, and quilted comforter, which can be used to further emphasize the quilted nature of the item. No matter what word you choose, you can be sure that it will accurately describe a quilt.