Synonyms for Quickly:

1. Instantly
2. Immediately
3. Rapidly
4. Speedily
5. Swiftly
6. Hurriedly
7. Promptly
8. Posthaste
9. Expeditiously
10. Apace
11. Briskly
12. In a jiffy
13. In a trice
14. On the double
15. In a flash
16. Forthwith
17. In a second
18. Pronto
19. Quick as a wink
20. Quick as lightning
21. In a wink
22. At once
23. In a moment
24. Like a shot
25. Like a flash
26. Like a bat out of hell
27. In no time
28. In a New York minute
29. In a trice
30. In a second flat

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