Synonyms for QUARREL:
1. Dispute
2. Conflict
3. Spat
4. Contention
5. Dispensation
6. Argument
7. Clash
8. Altercation
9. Debate
10. Feud
11. Friction
12. Squabble
13. Rivalry
14. Strife
15. Tiff
16. Controversy
17. Dissension
18. Discord
19. Variance
20. Quibble
21. Contention
22. Broil
23. Collision
24. Row
25. Brawl
26. War
27. Tussle
28. Disagreement
29. Struggle
30. Flap

When searching for alternative words for QUARREL, there are many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best ideas or just a few synonyms, the list above provides 30 different words that can be used in place of QUARREL. From DISPUTE and CONFLICT to SPAT and CONTENTION, there are a variety of words to choose from that can be used to accurately describe a QUARREL. Whether you are writing a story or simply need to find a word to accurately describe an argument, the list of synonyms for QUARREL can help.