1. Chase
2. Quest
3. Follow-up
4. Undertaking
5. Mission
6. Endeavor
7. Campaign
8. Operation
9. Effort
10. Crusade
11. Pursuit
12. Push
13. Drive
14. Adventure
15. Endeavour
16. Attempt
17. Venture
18. Struggle
19. Trial
20. Hunt
21. Expedition
22. Pursuing
23. Aim
24. End
25. Task
26. Objective
27. Search
28. Aiming
29. Aiming at
30. Striving

When you are looking for alternative words for «pursuance», there are many great ideas to consider. Synonyms for «pursuance» can range from words like «quest» and «mission» to «campaign» and «operation». Other words for «pursuance» include «follow-up», «undertaking», «effort», and «crusade». Whatever word you decide to use, the best idea is to choose one that accurately conveys the meaning you are trying to express. Whether you are looking for a more formal or informal word, there are many great synonyms for «pursuance» that can help you get your point across.