1. Discipline
2. Penalize
3. Chastise
4. Reprimand
5. Castigate
6. Exact retribution
7. Condemn
8. Reprove
9. Scourge
10. Denounce
11. Censure
12. Chide
13. Reprehend
14. Rebuke
15. Impugn
16. Admonish
17. Reprove
18. Remonstrate
19. Repulse
20. Recriminate
21. Excoriate
22. Exhort
23. Lecture
24. Scold
25. Berate
26. Harangue
27. Repine
28. Chasten
29. Inflict
30. Impose

When looking for synonyms for the word «punish», there are a variety of best ideas that can be used. Other words for «punish» include discipline, penalize, chastise, reprimand, castigate, exact retribution, condemn, reprove, scourge, denounce, censure, chide, reprehend, rebuke, impugn, admonish, reprove, remonstrate, repulse, recriminate, excoriate, exhort, lecture, scold, berate, harangue, repine, chasten, inflict, and impose. Each of these words offers a different connotation and can be used in various contexts. Depending on the situation, one can select the best word to accurately portray the desired meaning.