1. Perforation
2. Piercing
3. Bore
4. Jab
5. Prick
6. Stab
7. Laceration
8. Gash
9. Incision
10. Cut
11. Penetration
12. Breach
13. Tear
14. Slit
15. Wound
16. Break
17. Rip
18. Opening
19. Hole
20. Gaping
21. Trench
22. Slice
23. Fissure
24. Void
25. Gap
26. Cleft
27. Slashing
28. Gouge
29. Cavity
30. Vent

When searching for synonyms for the word ‘puncture’, it is important to consider the best ideas and other words for the definition. Words such as ‘perforation’, ‘piercing’, ‘bore’, ‘jab’, and ‘prick’ are all excellent synonyms for ‘puncture’ that can be used to describe the action of making a small hole in something. Other words for ‘puncture’ include ‘stab’, ‘laceration’, ‘gash’, ‘incision’, ‘cut’, and ‘penetration’. These synonyms are all suitable for describing the act of making a hole in something, whether it be an object or a surface. Additionally, words such as ‘breach’, ‘tear’, ‘slit’, ‘wound’, ‘break’, and ‘rip’ are all useful when describing the act of making a hole in something. Furthermore, words such as ‘opening’, ‘hole’, ‘gaping’, ‘trench’, ‘slice’, ‘fissure’, ‘void’, ‘gap’, ‘cleft’, ‘slashing’, ‘gouge’, ‘cavity’, and ‘vent’ are all great alternatives to the word ‘puncture’. These words can be used to accurately describe the act of making a small opening in a surface or object. When searching for the best synonyms for the word ‘puncture’, these words are all excellent alternatives to consider.