Synonyms for «Psychology»:

1. Mental health
2. Psychiatry
3. Mind science
4. Cognitive science
5. Neuropsychology
6. Behavioral science
7. Psychotherapy
8. Psychoanalysis
9. Study of behavior
10. Study of the mind
11. Study of the brain
12. Personality study
13. Mental processes
14. Mental health science
15. Mind study
16. Mental health research
17. Cognitive behavior
18. Personality psychology
19. Social psychology
20. Developmental psychology
21. Abnormal psychology
22. Psychophysics
23. Psychobiology
24. Psychometrics
25. Psychoneuroimmunology
26. Psychopathology
27. Psychodynamics
28. Psychopharmacology
29. Psycholinguistics
30. Psychosocial science

Finding synonyms for the word “psychology” can be a great way to broaden your understanding of this field of study. With a wide range of terms to choose from, you can find the best ideas to describe the various aspects of psychology. Whether you’re looking for another word for mental health, a synonym for psychoanalysis, or other words for psychiatric study, there are many options to choose from. From psychobiology to psychoneuroimmunology, there are plenty of synonyms to explore and gain a better understanding of this field of study. With so many different terms to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the best ideas to expand your knowledge of psychology.