1. Germans
2. Teutons
3. Prussians
4. Brandenburgers
5. Prussian nationals
6. Prussian people
7. Prussian citizens
8. Prussian subjects
9. Prussian inhabitants
10. Prussian residents
11. Prussians of Germany
12. Prussian-Germans
13. Prussian-speakers
14. Prussian-speaking people
15. Germans of Prussia
16. Hohenzollerns
17. Prussian dynasty
18. Prussian monarchy
19. Prussian empire
20. Prussian kingdom
21. Prussian state
22. Prussian confederation
23. Prussian union
24. Prussian alliance
25. Prussian republic
26. Prussian-occupied Germany
27. Prussian-controlled Germany
28. Prussian-dominated Germany
29. Prussian-ruled Germany
30. Prussian-occupied territories

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «Prussians»? This list provides you with the best ideas and other words for Prussians. Whether you are looking for a more general term such as Germans, or something more specific like Hohenzollerns, this list has a wide variety of synonyms to choose from. From Prussian nationals to Prussian-occupied territories, this list provides you with the most comprehensive list of synonyms for Prussians.