1. Prussian Blue
2. Teutonic
3. Hohenzollern
4. Germanic
5. Junker
6. Brandenburg
7. Pomeranian
8. Saxon
9. Silesian
10. East Prussian
11. West Prussian
12. Potsdam
13. Königsberg
14. East German
15. West German
16. Baltic
17. Berlin
18. Danzig
19. Posen
20. Magdeburg
21. Mecklenburg
22. Old Prussian
23. Prusso-German
24. Rhenish
25. Silesian-German
26. Slavic
27. Sudeten
28. Swabian
29. Thuringian
30. Weimar

Searching for an alternative to the word «Prussian» can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are plenty of synonyms available that can help you express the same idea without using the same word. From Prussian Blue to Teutonic and Hohenzollern, these synonyms are some of the best ideas for expressing the same concept. For a more specific term, you can use words like Junker, Brandenburg, Pomeranian, Saxon, East Prussian, West Prussian, Potsdam, Königsberg, East German, West German, Baltic, Berlin, Danzig, Posen, Magdeburg, Mecklenburg, Old Prussian, Prusso-German, Rhenish, Silesian-German, Slavic, Sudeten, Swabian, Thuringian, and Weimar. With so many synonyms available, you can find the perfect word to express your idea without repeating yourself.