1. Safeguards
2. Defends
3. Shields
4. Guards
5. Preserves
6. Ensures
7. Secures
8. Safeties
9. Fortifies
10. Insures
11. Averts
12. Shelters
13. Safes
14. Watches over
15. Abets
16. Watches
17. Maintains
18. Upholds
19. Avoids
20. Wards off
21. Covers
22. Conserves
23. Saves
24. Shelters
25. Fends off
26. Guarantees
27. Assists
28. Cushions
29. Protects from
30. Keeps safe

Finding the right words to protect yourself or your business can be a challenge. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to safeguarding your interests. Fortunately, there are many synonyms for the word “protects” that can help you find the best ideas for your needs. From “safeguards” to “defends” to “shields” and “guards”, there is a wide variety of words to choose from. You can also use words like “preserves”, “ensures”, “secures”, and “safeties” to ensure your safety and security. Other words like “fortifies”, “insures”, “averts”, and “shelters” can also be used to provide the best protection possible. Finally, words like “safes”, “watches over”, “abets”, and “watches” can be used to provide additional protection for your interests. With so many synonyms for the word “protects”, you can find the best ideas to keep yourself or your business safe and secure.