1. Proprietary: Exclusive
2. Proprietary: Private
3. Proprietary: Possessive
4. Proprietary: Particular
5. Proprietary: Special
6. Proprietary: Secret
7. Proprietary: Reserved
8. Proprietary: Personal
9. Proprietary: Unique
10. Proprietary: Specialized
11. Proprietary: Restricted
12. Proprietary: Restrained
13. Proprietary: Controlled
14. Proprietary: Particularized
15. Proprietary: Sole
16. Proprietary: Secluded
17. Proprietary: One-of-a-kind
18. Proprietary: Segregated
19. Proprietary: Confined
20. Proprietary: Proprietorial
21. Proprietary: Proprietorship
22. Proprietary: Confidential
23. Proprietary: Proprietary ownership
24. Proprietary: Proprietary rights
25. Proprietary: Proprietary interest
26. Proprietary: Proprietary information
27. Proprietary: Proprietary knowledge
28. Proprietary: Proprietary technology
29. Proprietary: Proprietary software
30. Proprietary: Proprietary data

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