Synonyms for Property:

1. Possession
2. Holdings
3. Estate
4. Dominion
5. Assets
6. Goods
7. Wealth
8. Belongings
9. Riches
10. Possessions
11. Acreage
12. Real estate
13. Right
14. Interest
15. Valuables
16. Residence
17. Stuff
18. Holdings
19. Property rights
20. Possessory rights
21. Ownership
22. Tenure
23. Property title
24. Possessory title
25. Possessor
26. Patrimony
27. Heirloom
28. Legacy
29. Inheritance
30. Endowment

When you are searching for different words to describe property, there are many options. Whether you are looking for the best synonyms for property, or other words for property, you will find a wide variety of ideas. Some of the best synonyms for property include possession, holdings, estate, dominion, assets, goods, wealth, belongings, riches, and possessions. Other words for property include acreage, real estate, right, interest, valuables, residence, stuff, and property rights. Lastly, some of the best ideas for synonyms for property include possessory rights, ownership, tenure, property title, possessory title, possessory, patrimony, heirloom, legacy, inheritance, and endowment.