1. Characteristics
2. Traits
3. Qualities
4. Attributes
5. Features
6. Specifications
7. Advantages
8. Benefits
9. Possessions
10. Qualifications
11. Distinctions
12. Endowments
13. Merits
14. Rights
15. Privileges
16. Potentials
17. Appurtenances
18. Aspects
19. Components
20. Facets
21. Prerogatives
22. Resources
23. Strengths
24. Adjuncts
25. Capacities
26. Dispositions
27. Endowments
28. Habits
29. Peculiarities
30. Predilections

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “properties”? Whether you need to find other words for a project, a speech, or an essay, this list of synonyms for properties can help you find the best ideas. From characteristics and traits to qualities and attributes, there are so many other words to choose from. Other words for properties include advantages, benefits, possessions, qualifications, distinctions, endowments, merits, rights, privileges, potentials, appurtenances, aspects, components, facets, prerogatives, resources, strengths, adjuncts, capacities, dispositions, endowments, habits, peculiarities, and predilections. This comprehensive list of synonyms for properties can help you find the perfect word to fit your needs.