1. Inclination
2. Tendency
3. Disposition
4. Predilection
5. Bent
6. Affinity
7. Impulse
8. Urge
9. Predisposition
10. Yearning
11. Appetite
12. Penchant
13. Predisposition
14. Partiality
15. Preference
16. Craving
17. Longing
18. Appetence
19. Aptitude
20. Volition
21. Bent
22. Proclivity
23. Inclination
24. Bias
25. Veering
26. Inclination
27. Inclining
28. Affection
29. Inborn
30. Predilection

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word «propensity», there are many options to consider. While some words are more commonly used than others, there are a variety of other words for «propensity» that can be used in certain contexts. Inclination, tendency, disposition, predilection, bent, affinity, impulse, urge, predisposition, yearning, appetite, and penchant are all great choices for synonyms of «propensity». Other words such as aptitude, volition, bias, veering, inclining, affection, inborn, and predilection can also be used in certain contexts. Each of these words has its own unique meaning and can be used to convey different ideas and emotions. No matter what type of synonym is needed, there is sure to be a word that fits the bill.