1. Stimuli
2. Cues
3. Hints
4. Suggestions
5. Clues
6. Provocations
7. Incentives
8. Motivations
9. Incitements
10. Impetus
11. Inspirations
12. Inducements
13. Stimulations
14. Impulses
15. Urgings
16. Pushes
17. Goads
18. Promptings
19. Reminders
20. Jogs
21. Instigations
22. Exhortations
23. Catalysts
24. Gooses
25. Prods
26. Eggings
27. Spurs
28. Nudges
29. Stimulants
30. Impulsions

When it comes to finding the best ideas for prompts, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect words. Luckily, there are plenty of synonyms that can help provide the perfect inspiration. Whether you’re looking for another word for prompts, other words for prompts, or the best synonyms for prompts, there are plenty of options. Words like stimuli, cues, hints, suggestions, clues, provocations, incentives, motivations, incitements, and impetus can all be used to provide prompts and ideas. Additionally, inspirations, inducements, stimulants, impulses, urgings, pushes, goads, promptings, reminders, jogs, instigations, exhortations, catalysts, gooses, prods, eggings, spurs, nudges, and impulsions can all be used to inspire creativity and provide prompts.