1. Stimulating
2. Encouraging
3. Urging
4. Inviting
5. Inspiring
6. Initiating
7. Prodding
8. Suggesting
9. Goading
10. Nudging
11. Instigating
12. Spurring
13. Accelerating
14. Motivating
15. Instigating
16. Inciting
17. Activating
18. Pushing
19. Persuading
20. Impelling
21. Provoking
22. Incentivizing
23. Rousing
24. Stirring
25. Exhorting
26. Animating
27. Urging
28. Mobilizing
29. Eliciting
30. Generating

Searching for synonyms for the word “prompting” can be a great way to find the best ideas for a project or assignment. There are many different words that can be used to describe prompting, including stimulating, encouraging, urging, inviting, inspiring, initiating, prodding, suggesting, goading, nudging, instigating, spurring, accelerating, motivating, instigating, inciting, activating, pushing, persuading, impelling, provoking, incentivizing, rousing, stirring, exhorting, animating, urging, mobilizing, eliciting, and generating. Each of these words can be used to accurately describe the concept of prompting, and can help to make a project more interesting and engaging.