1. Endeavor
2. Task
3. Undertaking
4. Activity
5. Scheme
6. Objective
7. Plan
8. Design
9. Operation
10. Assignment
11. Venture
12. Aim
13. Initiative
14. Goal
15. Program
16. Intention
17. Concept
18. Initiative
19. Proposal
20. Program
21. Mission
22. Plan of Action
23. Endeavor
24. Proposal
25. Campaign
26. Strategy
27. Program
28. Blueprint
29. Plot
30. Arrangement

Finding the best synonyms for the word «project» can be a difficult task. It is important to have a variety of words in order to communicate effectively and accurately. There are many different synonyms for the word «project» that can be used in various contexts. Some of the most common synonyms include endeavor, task, undertaking, activity, scheme, objective, plan, design, operation, assignment, venture, aim, initiative, goal, program, intention, concept, proposal, mission, plan of action, endeavor, proposal, campaign, strategy, program, blueprint, plot, and arrangement. Each of these words can be used to accurately describe a project or idea. By including different synonyms for the word «project» in your writing, you can create a more interesting and engaging piece of work.