1. Scheme
2. Blueprint
3. Plan
4. Agenda
5. Outline
6. Arrangement
7. Design
8. Method
9. Procedure
10. Process
11. System
12. Project
13. Protocol
14. Regimen
15. Routine
16. Strategy
17. Programing
18. Synopsis
19. Template
20. Framework
21. Algorithm
22. Chart
23. Flowchart
24. Roadmap
25. Plan of Action
26. Scenario
27. Course of Action
28. Activity
29. Guide
30. Instruction

Searching for other words for «program» can be a daunting task. However, there are many synonyms that can be used in its place. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for «program» include scheme, blueprint, plan, agenda, outline, arrangement, design, method, procedure, process, system, project, protocol, regimen, routine, strategy, programing, synopsis, template, framework, algorithm, chart, flowchart, roadmap, plan of action, scenario, course of action, activity, guide, and instruction. All of these words offer similar meanings and can be used in place of «program» to create a more varied writing style.