1. Announce
2. Declare
3. Broadcast
4. Proclaim
5. Publish
6. Advertise
7. Notify
8. Circulate
9. Disclose
10. Articulate
11. Express
12. Herald
13. Affirm
14. Preach
15. Promulgate
16. Disseminate
17. Utter
18. Blazon
19. Enunciate
20. Pronounce
21. Voce
22. Cry
23. Blare
24. Chant
25. Intone
26. Broadcast
27. Recite
28. Shout
29. Vocalize
30. Reiterate

Finding the right synonym for the word «proclaim» can be an arduous task. Whether you’re writing a paper or creating a presentation, having the best ideas for synonyms is key. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for the word «proclaim»: announce, declare, broadcast, publish, advertise, notify, circulate, disclose, articulate, express, herald, affirm, preach, promulgate, disseminate, utter, blazon, enunciate, pronounce, voce, cry, blare, chant, intone, broadcast, recite, shout, vocalize, and reiterate. Using these synonyms can help you express your ideas in a more articulate and unique way, while still conveying the same message.