1. Analyzing
2. Assessing
3. Examining
4. Investigating
5. Sorting
6. Studying
7. Assimilating
8. Categorizing
9. Deciphering
10. Dissecting
11. Evaluating
12. Investigating
13. Poring over
14. Scrutinizing
15. Sifting
16. Sizing up
17. Surveying
18. Weighing
19. Working out
20. Breaking down
21. Comprehending
22. Decoding
23. Delving into
24. Examining
25. Inspecting
26. Interpreting
27. Looking into
28. Mining
29. Sussing out
30. Unravelling

Finding the right words to accurately describe a process can be a tricky task. Whether you’re writing a job description, creating a presentation, or just trying to explain a concept, having a few synonyms for processing on hand can be a great help. Here are some of the best ideas and other words for processing that you can use to help get your point across. Analyzing, assessing, examining, investigating, sorting, studying, assimilating, categorizing, deciphering, dissecting, evaluating, investigating, poring over, scrutinizing, sifting, sizing up, surveying, weighing, working out, breaking down, comprehending, decoding, delving into, examining, inspecting, interpreting, looking into, mining, sussing out, and unravelling are all words that can be used in place of processing. With this list of synonyms, you’ll be able to find the perfect way to explain any process without having to repeat yourself.