1. Procedures
2. Routines
3. Strategies
4. Techniques
5. Approaches
6. Methodologies
7. Steps
8. Operations
9. Tactics
10. Programs
11. Protocols
12. Regimens
13. Systems
14. Schemes
15. Plans
16. Movements
17. Modus operandi
18. Transactions
19. Activities
20. Processions
21. Transactions
22. Executions
23. Executives
24. Designs
25. Formations
26. Phases
27. Maneuvers
28. Disciplines
29. Formulae
30. Routines

Looking for the best ideas for other words for «processes»? Look no further! Synonyms for processes include procedures, routines, strategies, techniques, approaches, methodologies, steps, operations, tactics, programs, protocols, regimens, systems, schemes, plans, movements, modus operandi, transactions, activities, processions, executions, executives, designs, formations, phases, maneuvers, disciplines, formulae, and routines. These words can be used interchangeably with the word «processes» to give your writing a more varied and interesting vocabulary. Whether you are writing a scientific paper or a creative story, these synonyms can help you express yourself in a more unique and engaging way.