1. Chance
2. Risk
3. Odds
4. Likelihood
5. Possibility
6. Forecast
7. Presumption
8. Expectation
9. Conjecture
10. Guessing
11. Speculation
12. Approximation
13. Prevision
14. Peradventure
15. Hazard
16. Prospect
17. Premonition
18. Calculation
19. Intuition
20. Divination
21. Inference
22. Estimation
23. Assumption
24. Postulation
25. Hunch
26. Consequence
27. Reckoning
28. Likeliness
29. Presumptuousness
30. Anticipation

When trying to determine the probability of something happening, it can be helpful to look at other words and phrases for the same concept. Synonyms for probability can help to provide a more nuanced understanding of the concept. For example, chance and risk can be used to describe the same type of probability, but when used in different contexts can provide different meanings. Other words for probability such as likelihood, possibility, and expectation can also provide insight into the chances of something happening. The best ideas for synonyms for probability include words like hazard, premonition, and divination, which can help to provide a more accurate understanding of the odds.